If the Devil Wrote a Bible, interview questions # 3-5

3.        What makes you think you can speak for the devil?

The devil has some new tricks, but not too many. The devil is actually boring in that he simply wants to build a wall between people and the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. After a while then you have pretty much seen it all. Especially when casting demons out of people, you learn a great deal as it would very often become clear how it was that a person became vulnerable and open to demons and what lies the demons used to remain in a person. It may sound a bit weird, but it was pretty much just text book.

Most importantly however is what we see of Satan in the Scripture. It is all there, every trick and crafty deceit. In our book we simply do a little updating. There is nothing new under the sun certainly, but context shifts from age to age and culture to culture.

4.        Whose side on you on? The Devil’s?

True, we have heard comments that suggest we are promoting the devil. But this before much of the book had been read. After a little time has passed, maybe into the fifth or sixth chapter, the reader begins to get the picture. The danger is to make the devil appear so obvious, so crazy, so cartoonish, that the subtle, cunning, enticing mechanisms go un-noticed. We like to say that the devil has the second best computer in the universe and that his data base of experiences and human observations are second to only one. Would we then expect the devil to announce himself with neon?

Despite then what some have said of the book, and ourselves as authors, we are definitely followers of Jesus Christ, we love our Savior and Lord, and completely trust in His Word.

5.        How is your book different from other books, like C.S.Lewis’ Screwtape Letters?

            C.S. Lewis wrote of the same Satan we do.  Our approach is different than his certainly, but we hope to have written something that would be of use in our own day and time.

I was shocked to learn that Lewis, and I had read his Mere Christianity, actually believed in the devil and his demons. Shocked and thrilled all at once. By the time I read it I already knew that demons were real and that without question. And let me say here that once you have directly encountered Satan you never doubt his existence again. Nor do those from whom demons have been cast out. It is unforgettable and it is entirely plain the whole thing was not an illusion, a magic trick, or smoke and mirrors. The devil would rather not expose himself; Satan likes to fly under the radar. There are of course some who openly embrace the devil and do not care what anyone else thinks.

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