The Danger of the new apostolic movement

This is my reply to a person who did not like my critique of Francis Chan’s sermon in which he decried speaking against leaders of the New Apostolic Reformation.

Dear Brother,

On loving one another, this does not mean overlooking serious issues. And this one is. Lou Rambo, back in 1978, when he told me COD was cultic he meant it for my good, though it was a staggering blow to me at the time.

I think we are not seeing the same thing. My concern with Chan is his idea that leaders ought not be challenged. After all, they are hearing words from God, at least that is and has been a major theme of apostolic oriented churches and ministries. When someone says to me they have a word for me, well, this is a red flag being waved in my face. This is the new intimidator, the apostle or prophet directly hearing words from above. 

It is characteristic of groups to demonize those who might question them. This is true of Islam today, and so with Mormonism in its early decades. Scientology, perhaps the supreme example of quashing anything having to do with their leadership. 

Chan says God will destroy those who voice what he thinks are attacks against leaders of churches and ministries. Mark, that is a red flag, more than a red flag. You may have already bought in to the apostolic concepts and if so it would be virtually impossible at this point for you to raise questions yourself. How much you might lose is a scary thought.

Chan is not the only one either. Rick Joyner,Mike Bickle, and especially Kris Vallotton and Bill Johnson in Redding, wow, how they denigrate those who challenge them. Johnson refuses even to consider anything that does not support their ministry; he only wants, in his spiritual and emotional weak state, words of affirmation.

More and more voices are being raised against the NAR. Mark, have you read my book on it, False Prophets Among Us: A Critical Analysis of the New Apostolic Reformation? From the documents presented by the leading players you will read quotes from them. And these are horrific. And they must be challenged. It is not loving to ignore this. As a pastor I am obliged to watch for the wolf. And I do so and will do so, no matter what others may say. Yet, I know for those who identified with it, especially as we are older now, it is not a simple thing to call out the error.

I have a few videos out on the NAR and I receive, and daily sometimes more than I can handle, feedback from those who view them. How many people are leaving it, including whole churches! How many are damaged and scarred as a result of their being lead around by words from God. How many are listening to angels, being carried away in trances to heaven, and suffering what can only be described as psychotic, and/or demonic episodes. This is no small deal.

Please consider these things.


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