A Plot to Kill Paul, Paul Sent to Felix the Governor, & Paul Before Felix at Caesarea


Acts 23:12-24:27

A Plot to Kill Paul, Paul Sent to Felix the Governor, &

Paul Before Felix at Caesarea

  1. Be comfortably alert, still and at peace.
  2. Say the Lord’s Prayer. Sing or cant the Jesus Prayer
  3. Pray for family, friends, neighbors, and yourself.
  4. Slowly and carefully read the passage of Scripture.
  5. Reread it. From memory, determine the central points.
  6. Paul, in custody in the Fortress of Antonia, learns from his nephew that there is a plot to kill him. Paul sends the boy to the tribune who makes arrangements to send Paul to the procurator (governor), Felix, in Caesarea.
  7. The tribune, Claudius Lysias, writes a note to Felix and explains the situation, leaving out the part about almost subjecting a Romans citizen to a flogging.
  8. A large contingent of Roman soldiers bring Paul to Antipatris, 23 miles short of Caesarea, and only 70 horsemen bring Paul further on to Caesarea.
  9. Felix, having been a judge in Samaria for years, decides to hear the case when Paul’s accusers arrive in Caesarea.
  10. Ananias, the high priest makes the journey with one Tertullus, probably a Hellenized Jew trained in Roman court procedure.
  11. Tertullus begins with accusing Paul of being one who causes trouble and is a “ringleader of the sect of the Nazarenes.” Those with Tertullus agreed as well.
  12. Paul somewhat flatters Felix (Felix as not well thought of) and then proceeds to deny the charges made against him.
  13. Paul however acknowledges that he indeed is part of the “way” and that he worships the “God of our fathers” so that he is faithful to the religion of the Jews and believes in all the prophets foretold.
  14. Paul’s focus is on the resurrection of the just and the unjust.
  15. Paul now is left in custody (it would be 2 years) and Felix listens to Paul frequently.

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