Transgender Issues

 Katie and I have published our new book, The Third Sex? Revisited: Homosexual and Transgender Issues From a Biblical Perspective. Now inviting comments about transgendering. We are on course to publish a second volume with a focus on this complex and confusing topic.

We came to this after last week’s time in Nashville for the National Religious Broadcasters convention. We were stunned at the attention our book received, and most of it regarding transgender concerns. We are inviting people who have something to say on this issue, from whatever point of view, to send this to us, 1000 words or less, with no name, city, or state mentioned. If we publish your piece in the new volume, we will send you a release form to sign and get back to us.

Our primary concern is to reach out to those going through such a process and their family and friends. It is far from a simple solution to try to be at peace with one’s gender identity. We come at this from a Christian and Biblical perspective, which is grounded in grace and agape love. You may well say we are “Welcoming and not confirming” since to confirm is to promote.

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