The Why of my new book on transgender issues.

The WHY of this book

If a transgender person showed up at the church of which I am pastor I would welcome him or her and without qualification. If a person wished to keep her or his gender transition quiet, I would do so. This person would be every much a part of the church family as anyone else.

            If this person wished to marry someone of his or her opposite gender identity, I would conduct the ceremony. I would not do so if the result of the marriage would be two women or two men being married to each other.

            If a person who was considering transgendering came to me for counsel, I would hope to work through issues with compassion and understanding to the point there would be a change of direction. And again, if this person rejected my counsel and, after sincere and extensive professional evaluation was absolutely convinced, then I would not reject this person. If this person, however, say a male transitioning to a female, wanted to pursue a female I would object.

Am I saying that a transgender person could be an actual born again Christian? Yes, I am.

Who of us are so perfectly adjusted when it comes to matters of sexuality? There but for the grace of God go I, and we can all say amen to this.

            Life is full of pain and suffering, for all of us, but multiplied for those who go through anxiety as to their gender identity. Yes, there are those who seem to adjust fairly smoothly and go on with their lives as a trans, but this is the exception to the rule as far as I am acquainted with the dynamics. As a pastor for fifty plus years in Marin County, California, a place that accepts about every weird form of sin one could imagine, as a follower of Jesus, I must take a stand.

(note: I am still doing research for this book, perhaps the most challenging and complex book I have ever under taken.)

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