The Third Sex? Homosexual and Transgender Issues from a Biblical Perspective by Kent Philpott


At the book signing booth at the National Religious Broadcasters convention in Nashville, February 26, six or seven people to whom I signed this book told me of members of their families who were in the process of transitioning. One wife of a pastor said their 18 year old son was nearing the time for hormones and surgery.

During the remaining days of  the convention, numbers of others approached my wife Katie and myself  relating similar stories. It was a kind of pastoral ministry for these; they had someone to talk to who might understand something of what they were going through.

You may have a story to tell also. Our intention is to compile numbers of such stories for a second, or follow-up book, to the one you are reading now.

We invite you to send us your story, your experience, in 1000 words or less. We will not publish any names, nor the city and state you are writing from.

Please send your story to: or

Our intention is to bring some encouragement to others, knowning they are not alone in their time of sorrow and grief.

Kent and Katie Philpott

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