A Surprising Comparison Between Mormonism and Islam

1. Both Islam and Mormonism were started by a prophet who said he had the last word from God. This was the last word and there would be nothing else. This was finally it. Mohammed said this and so did Joseph Smith.
2. Both received, as they reported, a revelation from an angel, Gabriel for Mohammed and Moroni for Joseph Smith. (A number of religions and sects have begun with a visitation by an “angel.”)
3. The purpose behind both visitations was to restore Christianity and true religion. Everything that had been revealed by God before then was wrong or temporary and was now to be put aside. 
4. Both of these encounters with angels resulted in a book, the Koran for Muslims  and the Book of Mormon for the Latter Day Saints.
5. Opposition began and both prophets were martyred. Upon their martyrdom, the groups split along family lines, some following one side of the feud, some following another.
6. Both groups developed a system of prophets or other leaders who proclaimed the authoritative word of God on an ongoing basis.
7. Then there was rapid growth, both groups employing some rather radical methods of evangelism, some quite militant about it. 
8. Both religious groups are rich and powerful.
10. Both groups are quite defensive when they perceive that their belief systems are being attacked. 
11. Both groups rely on miracles to substantiate their “truth.”

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