The Supremacy of Christ, part 2

Hebrews 1:5–14

Find a quiet place, alone and apart from distractions. Be comfortably alert, still, and at peace. Say the Lord’s Prayer. Sing or cant the Jesus Prayer. Pray for family, friends, neighbors, and yourself. Slowly and carefully read the passage of Scripture. From memory, determine the central points.

  1. In this passage are 7 quotes from the Hebrew Bible. The author of Hebrews likely would have memorized all of these as few had access to the written Scripture.
  2. The subject of these verses has to do with the contrast between angels and human beings, especially in regard to Jesus. Angels are created beings, while the Son is not.
  3. Spiritual groups both then and now, make an angel out of Jesus, and one well know Christian cult makes Him out to be Michael the archangel.
  4. In language we are not accustomed to, the author of Hebrews makes it plain, and poetically, that the Son is uncreated, that His throne is forever.
  5. To say of the Son, “sit at my right hand” means that this Son is of the same nature as the Father.
  6. Angels are “ministering spirits” sent out into the world to serve those who “are to inherit salvation.”
  7. We must focus on the word “inherit.” Here we see the Gospel of grace as the original intent of God. No one earns an inheritance; this is only given out and received.
  8. The point of our passage is the supremacy of Christ over the angels. From early on, angels have been worshipped instead of the Creator God. This continues to this day. We read of this reality in 2 Corinthians 11:14–15: “even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness.”

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