God Commissions Joshua

Joshua 1:1–9

Find a quiet place, alone and apart from distractions. Be comfortably alert, still, and at peace. Recite the Lord’s Prayer. Sing or cant the Jesus Prayer. Pray for family, friends, neighbors, and yourself. Slowly and carefully read the passage of Scripture.

1.         Joshua, the name, means “Yahweh Saves” and Jesus, the name, also means “Yahweh Saves.” Here begins the story of the people of Israel coming into the Promised Land, crossing the Jordan River, and encountering the seven nations living there. Joshua is the commander of the LORD’s army.

2.         Moses is called God’s servant and so is Joshua. Joshua is called to do battle against the pagan nations living in the land of promise that stretched from northern Syria to the wilderness of the Negeb, that area that bordered Egypt.

3.         Yahweh promises that no one would be able to stand against him. As He was with Moses, so he would be with Joshua. The LORD tells Joshua, “I will not leave you or forsake you.”

4.         This promise is quoted in Hebrews 13:5 and is applied to us all. As we go forward then as servants of our Lord Jesus, we have the promise He will be with us all the way.

5.         Again Yahweh says to Joshua, “Be strong and courageous.” This promise applies to both Jesus, whom Joshua prefigures, but also to us, the Church, the Body of Christ.

6.         In addition, Joshua is told to “meditate on the ‘Book of the Law’” day and night, and this would be the books of Moses. What is for Joshua is for us as well.

7.         Yahweh gives His promise yet again, and again, in verse 9. “Be strong and courageous,” “Do not be frightened,” and ends with the promise, “for the LORD your god is with you wherever you go.”

8.         These promises of Joshua is made also to us who are in Christ.

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