Jessica Smiths, Shattering

Hello Everyone, Jessica Smith’s book Shattering is a must read. I have already ordered 20 plus copies and will get a bunch more, and these to hand out and to place in our Tiny Library in front of the church building.
We have already interviewed Jessica and are going to do anywhere from to 2 to 6 more, coming up.
Our world today, and especially America, is heavily involved with spiritistic practices like channeling, tarot cards, mediumship, Reiki, yoga, talking to dead ancestors, and much more. I invite you to learn how to share the danger of the occult practices with others.
I strongly suggest going to and learn what yoga really is because so many people around us are involved in it. And also go to – hit “books” on the drop-down menu, type in Jessica Smith and the book Shattering will appear. Order a few copies, one for yourself and one or two to give away.
This incredible fascination with pagan spiritual practices means we as followers of Jesus need to do what we can to rescue these people from both mental and spiritual confusion and, the worst of all, living forever in the presence of Satan and his demons. This is truly a spiritual battle, which Jesus has already won, and which now we declare it as widely as we can.

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