Jesus Calling & Sarah Young

The Jesus Calling series by Sarah Young is bringing thousands of Christians into the psychic world of channeling. Young’s books are some of the best-selling books in the Christian world, even top evangelical publishers present her work.

I challenge you to investigate for yourself this material. Jesus calling, yes, one can act as a medium or channeller or psychic, and Jesus will speak words to you. This is of course far from biblical. As followers of Jesus we pray to our Lord and find His words in our Scripture.

Psychics, for long centuries, go into their trans states, and get words and messages and prophecies – but the speaker is a demon, and in this case, the Jesus Calling series, is imitating Jesus.

Two persons in the church I pastor, Miller Avenue Baptist Church in Mill Valley, in my 39 years there as pastor, became involved with the Jesus Calling series and have now repented of it. Interestingly enough, both thought there was something wrong with it and laid the books aside, but spoke to me of their experiences when I happened to mention Sarah Young’s series on Jesus Calling in a sermon recently.

I felt it incumbent upon me to present this to my Facebook friends, and to those who receive my blog.

I suggest Chris Lawson’s Spiritual Research Network on this issue. And also find a way to get Brenna E. Scott’s book, Christian Journaling or Psychic Channeling?: A Critical Comparison of the Jesus Calling Series with Occult Training Literature.

I close with 1 Peter 5:8: “Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seek someone to devour.”

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