Jesus Be Busy

Here is about 650 words that has to do with the Jesus Calling series of books, begun by Sarah Young

One wonders how Jesus is able to call all those who do as Sarah Young, of the Jesus Calling book series, is doing? She is talking to Jesus almost daily, and so, it would seem, are others who have embraced Young’s methods.

Is it fair to ask, just how many Jesuses are out there? It would have to be a ton, when you consider that the Jesus Calling books have for years ranked on best seller lists, both Christian and non-Christian alike. There are no group calls, just Jesus and the listener on the line. One wonders how Jesus is able fit it all in timewise. Got to be busy!

One must also ask, just what is it that Sarah Young is doing? Is she listening to Jesus, talking with Jesus, and writing down, or “journaling” what Jesus tells her? Or is it something else?

Brenna E. Scott, in her book, Christian Journaling or Psychic Channeling? A Critical Comparison of the Jesus Calling Series with Occult Training Literature, studiously and carefully makes a strong case that what Sarah Young is doing is channeling Jesus, or really, is channeling a spirit being who identifies itself as Jesus. And this is common fare in our occult-oriented psychic culture today. (You can verify this yourself, dear reader, by doing a search using the words medium, channeller, shaman, or psychic.)

Let me ask, where in Scripture does it say that Jesus will talk to us, I mean verbally, word by word, sentence by sentence? We pray to our Lord, read the inspired word from Genesis to Revelation, and think and meditate on this. But nowhere is there anything that says that Jesus will “call” us.

Brenna’s book so clearly presents the psychic channeling that Sarah Young is evangelizing and exposes it for what it is ­– demonically empowered deception. I do not think that Sarah Young is attempting to mislead readers; rather, she hears a voice that she believes is Jesus. This has been practiced in the occult world throughout history. It is so tangible and seemingly physical, in real time, and who would not be tricked.

In 1973, Zondervan Publishing House published a ThM thesis I wrote titled A Manual of Demonology and the Occult. It was the only book I wrote that actually made me some money. The result, however, was that people from all over the country, even foreign countries, showed up in Marin County, California, hoping to have demons cast out of them. And there were hundreds of these, and though the stream has trickled down considerably, it is still going on. The need was so great that we developed twelve teams of us who did this work and saw first-hand that one of the demonic kingdom’s means of seducing others, and I mean invading their being, is via the psychic practices of channeling.

It is fair to ask if I am saying that the Jesus Calling process opens one up to being possessed by a demon?

Yes, that is exactly what I am saying.

Brenna E. Scott has made herself a target with the publication of her book. As soon as I read it, I did my best to secure more copies. I urge those who read this little piece of mine to get a copy of her book, read it, and pass it along to others. It is no small undertaking.

At the heart of it is the mystery of who the “Jesus” is who is calling Sarah and all those who have been enticed into the practice through Sarah Young’s books. It will be a challenge for Christians as well as non-Christians to investigate what is at the heart of the Jesus Calling books.

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Kent Philpott, pastor of Miller Avenue Baptist Church in Mill Valley, CA, now in his 39th year. By going to you can find out more.

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