Psychic Empath

The Book titled, Psychic Empath: 5 Books in 1, published in 2021 by Spiritual Awakening Academy, with no author(s) named, claims to cover the following: 

Survival guide for Empaths, Become a Healer Instead of Absorbing Negative Energies, Development, Telepathy, Healing Mediumship, Mindfulness, Meditation, Aura Reading and Chakras 

Statements with slight changes made to fit the flow of this chapter are preceded by *. The authors’ responses to the content of this book are in this font. 

*“Empathy is said to be the ability to understand and share in the thoughts and emotions of another person”. It involves putting oneself in another person’s shoes and seeing the world from the perspective of another person. 

On the face of it, this does seem to be a commendable undertaking, but there is a dangerous downside to all of this, which is the connection with occultic practices whereby a person is exposed to evil entities. This connection is established while in a passive, altered, or shamanistic state of consciousness, and once in this state, one is open to be invaded by demonic entities. 

*An empath is not simply a sympathetic person; empaths feel the emotions and thoughts of others as though they were their own. “A psychic empath is able to pick up another person’s pain without necessarily being told of it. Their psychic ability allows them to tune into the suffering of another person even when this may not be so obvious to those who rely on verbal and visual cues” (p. 207). This may be difficult for the empath, as they will be impacted by the other’s pain and suffering. And it is not enough to simply be a psychic empath; the goal is to be a psychic empath warrior. 

*It is said that an empath is born, not made, that their skills are genetic in nature, inherent in their DNA. Thus, it is not something that can be learned; one is an empath, or one is not. And this means being able to process the energy and feelings of other people. Such people, and since prehistoric times, were seen to be priests, priestesses, seers, mystics, and more. For instance, there was the Greek Oracle of Delphi, and during the Renaissance, in France there was Nostradamus. There was even a planet, newly discovered in the mid-1800s that was said to rule psychic energy. Some of the big names issuing from this period are Edgar Cayce, Daniel Dunglas Home, and Madame Blavatsky. 

Empath traits 

*Among the traits of an empath are the following: they are highly sensitive, even telepathic, have good luck, hate conflict, have high sensory stimulation, have keenly accurate instincts about other people, often have imaginary friends, appear lonely, have a past life, communicate with animals, are loving and compassionate, have sleep issues, are good at connecting dots, have trouble letting go, soak up other peoples’ energies, are introverted, are highly intuitive, take a long time to process emotions, love nature, have strong senses, are generous, and are creative. 

Empath categories 

*Then there are various categories of empaths. One is the geomantic empath, meaning they are connected to different sites, maybe buildings, lakes, oceans, or mountains. Then there is the physical empath, or medical empath, who can discern a person’s physical well-being. The emotional empath is sensitive to people’s emotional energy. The animal empath likes to keep company with animals and may develop ways to communicate with them. The plant empath is similar to the animal empath in that they can develop close connections with plants and may communicate with them. The precognitive empath will tend to see things before they happen. The psychometric empath will have deep connections to physical objects, maybe knives, jewelry, photos, and so on. The telepathic empath can know what is in another person’s mind. 

Are these telepathic traits simply human sensitivities, imaginary thinking, or a form of mental illness? Or, are they the result of spiritual entities that know the history of humans and reside within the empath—by that we mean demonic spirits. It has been our experience to see much of what has been mentioned about traits and categories to vanish after a person has experienced the casting out of demons through our Lord Jesus Christ. 

*Geomancy is said to be an ability that empaths have or develop whereby they sense the energies and vibrations of the earth. Thus, by dousing, also known as water witching, they can discover water within the earth. Or they may be able to predict the coming of bad weather or use psychometry—the psychic ability to obtain impressions from objects. 

*Some empaths are able to sense and work with various spirits, a psychic ability called mediumship. “Some can heal by feeling other people’s symptoms and help them by transmuting energies” (p. 222). 

*The history of psychic empaths stretches back to the beginning of human history. However, “it was only during the New Age Awakening of the [19]70s and [19]80s that empathic skills were recognized as being distinct from other psychics” (p. 223). 

Healing tools 

*There are several spiritual healing tools that an empath may use. One is prayer, of which the H’oponopono prayer is foremost. Some aspects of that prayer are (1) Repentance—saying you are sorry for the part you have played in the things you perceive as evil or problematic that are surrounding you; (2) Asking for forgiveness—from whatever higher power you sense; (3) Gratitude—saying thank you, which takes your focus off the negative, and saying it continuously; and (4) Love—which is the most powerful force in the universe, so say it over and over again. 

Developing other abilities 

*Learning how to develop one’s “third eye”, which is between the eyebrows, helps in picking up energetic signals, which helps the chakras open up and allows energy to flow more evenly. 

*And then making one’s connection with the spiritual world will help strengthen one’s mediumship, which is allowing spirits, or deceased loved ones, to speak through you. “Even a person with no psychic skills can stay in touch with his or her ‘angels.’. . . Plus, you can then help others connect with theirs. One warning however, one must be careful as those spirits who once were humans may not like to be bothered at any hour. So, nevertheless, you need to respect them” (p. 232). 

This so-called ability is evident in our culture today. So many hope to communicate with dead parents, children, brothers, sisters, friends, famous people, pets, etc., that it is becoming the chief form of the mediumistic experience. A Google search on related topics, such as mediums, channelers, or life coaches who use psychic techniques, will reveal how many there are who are offering these spiritistic opportunities. And nothing is contacted except entities in the demonic kingdom. The result is demon possession but no contact with deceased humans or animals. 

The Shamanic and The Mystical 

The author(s) state that “Shamanism and Mysticism are two completely different practices. They have different values, either that of empowerment or surrender” (p. 236). 

*First, shamanism sees all of humanity connected to one another, otherwise known as “the collective unconscious.” And shamanism is about power, and empaths follow the shamanic path, since they connect to anything around them at any given time. Empaths have power, therefore, to connect with that which is around them, whether it be other people, animals, objects, or the deceased. This is power. “Shamanic practices are ways to heal the earth, heal oneself or others, channeling and mediumship, as well as entering a state of trance for wisdom” (p. 237). 

*There are many signs that one might be a shaman, and the top five are (1) your ancestors were healers as well; (2) you have a strong connection with nature; (3) you do not fit in with others; (4) you are able to “read” people; and (5) you feel as though you are called to help and heal others. 

*The signs one might be a mystic are (1) you are not materialistic; (2) you do not need to follow the norms of society; (3) you prefer to be alone; (4) you can see right through people; and (5) you are not afraid of the future. 

Our view is that such distinctions are disingenuous and that there is so much that is shared by the shaman and the mystic. Chiefly among the commonalities are the trance state, that which is known as the passive or altered state of consciousness, plus willful and actual contact with other worldly entities, and the deception that those entities contacted are benign and helpful. Both shamanism and mysticism are only a short distance away from direct worship of the satanic kingdom, and because of this, some empaths who have psychic abilities will hide them for fear that others will think they are evil. 

*It is said of empaths and or psychics that they can sense the subtlest energy, can internalize the feelings of other people, and have trouble distinguishing someone else’s discomfort from their own. 

*There are a number of signs that one can know he or she has psychic skills: 

*(1) They have higher than average intuitive abilities. (2) They have visions regularly. (3) Dejavu, or the sense that one has known or seen something before, is a normal experience. (4) They have accurate gut feelings on a regular basis. (5) There are occurrences of telepathy, sending and receiving messages from other people. (6) They have vivid dreams. (7) They have a sense of knowing the history of objects and people. (8) They have premonitions and predictions. (9) They know when trouble is coming. (10) They feel events from far away. (11) They have healing abilities. (12) They have access to sounds when no one else does. 

The authors of the book are aware that not all embrace psychic abilities.

“Religious leaders still disapprove psychic abilities. They always warn their parishioners about the evils of psychics. They write them off as frauds, devil worshippers, or con artists. And by doing so these religious leaders dismiss the fact that there are real psychic abilities” (p. 252). 

Then a list of the chief psychic abilities is presented. 

*The first is clairaudience, meaning clear hearing or receiving messages without using one’s actual ears. The second is clairvoyance, which is clear seeing, and this seeing is with the mind’s eye. The third is clairsentience, which is clear feeling. And it means one gets messages through emotions, feelings, and sensations. The fourth is clairgustance, meaning clear tasting, and results in tasting something before putting it into your mouth. The fifth is claircognizance, which means clear knowing. This allows one to know something without seeing any facts or information. The last is clairalience, which is clear smelling, and is the ability to smell beyond your normal ability. 

Clairvoyant Healing 

*Chapter eight on clairvoyant healing, also known as psychic healing, covers the basics of this form of healing. Essentially it is using one’s psychic power by sending someone healing energies. It is said to be a balancing and harmonizing of a person’s body energies and removing blockages to dissipate physical aches and pains. 

*Clairvoyance, the ability to see clearly, involving the third eye, lets the healer see the blockage of energy and then how to relieve the circumstances. This healing may be made “manifest” to the patient portraying them as healthy, happy, and mentally, physically, and spiritually well (p. 275). 

Clairvoyant healing is sometimes referred to as energy working. This is done by the healer going into a trace state and with the movement of their hands, soothing out, releasing, and directing energy. The question is, what is this “energy?” It is never actually defined, not in any of the materials we have read nor in videos we have viewed. There is no scientific evidence verifying the existence of such energies. It is based on ancient and modern Hindu beliefs having to do with chakras and kundalini energy. 

*Meditation is an essential means of such healing. Deep breathing is very important as well. In the meditative, mindfulness state, when the healer inhales, unhealthiness is drawn out of the person’s body. Then with every exhale, this bad energy is released into the universe to be changed into something positive. 

*A spirit guide may even give the healer advice on what the trouble is and how to deal with it. 

The psychic healer’s job, as it is understood, is to heal those physical ailments that have an emotional or mental origin. So, those trained in  psychiatry and psychology are not necessary. It all has to do with moving out bad energy. 

*The clairvoyant healer is also said to be able to heal someone who isn’t near them; indeed, they could be quite far away (p. 278). 

*Learning how to be a clairvoyant healer may be practiced on a pet. And if the pet does not need healing, the healer can attempt to sense their energy, and by means of meditation, focus that the pet will be healthy. 

Aura and Aura Reading 

*An aura is said to be the magnetic field surrounding every living thing, and which is said to extend about three feet around every person. And because auras originate from a person’s chakras, the aura can reveal the cause of what ails a person. It is the energy created by the chakras that create the auras (p. 285). 

*One’s aura is their personal energy field, a reflection of their current state of being. Therefore, the aura must be well taken care of, much as one would care for the physical body. 

*The psychic healer, using whatever means, can then be aware of a person’s aura and understand how to make things right. And the chief means of this involves meditation and proper breathing techniques on the part of both the healer and the patient. 


*Mediumship is different from psychic reading. What is the difference? “Someone who does psychic readings may not have mediumistic abilities, which are acting as a vessel and a bridge of communication between the spirit world and the world of the living – but all mediums have psychic abilities, as this is what they use to contact the spirits of the dead” (p. 288). 

*The medium, like the channeler, can communicate with those who have died and can convey messages to the living for them. The Ouija board is a form of mediumship as are the Tarot cards, since through these means the medium is connecting with or attempting to connect with spirits of the dead. 

“The forms of mediumship used by practicing mediums are when the spirit of the dead speaks through the medium, and when the medium receives messages clairvoyantly (or clairsentient, claircognizant, clairaudient) and relays the message to the living. Most often the medium is asked by a living person to try and contact and create a channel of communication with a dead loved one” (p.288). 

Let it be clear that a medium or channeler is not connecting with spirits of the dead. Some of these practitioners are fabricating things, but others, using real mediumship, are connecting with demonic sprits that are indwelling them. Indeed, it is a case of demonic possession. In the process of many if not most of these healing events, the ones who need the healing are then also invaded by demonic spirits. It is the worst of the worst. 

At the conclusion of this Psychic Empath chapter are a series of “myths” and “facts.” Myth number 11 is, “You can quit being an empath.” Fact number 11 is, “Being an empath is a life-long sentence.” And here is an actual true statement, unless that empath turns to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and has the indwelling demonic spirits cast out.

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