Tim Alberta’s Article in the recent issue of The Atlantic

Hello Everyone, yesterday I read an incredible article in the current edition of The Atlantic––I am still in awe, and dazzled.

The magazine, started publication in 1857, is quite political, which you know I shy away from, but I keep up as best as possible and examine many sources, and the article attached here is somewhat political, but fabulous. You know I do my best to stay away from politics, and I don’t know how I will vote in the coming year or even if I will vote. That aside, this is the most incredible article I have ever read in The Atlantic going back many years. Tim Alberta is a solid Christian and how and why The Atlantic folks would allow this to be published is kind of a miracle to me. Please do not think I am pushing a political agenda here, but you will likely be very pleased to read this, and those who regularly receive the magazine will be presented with a wonderful Gospel/Christian message. Kent

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