Akashic Records

 Akashic Records

In this chapter we review How to Read the Akashic Records: Accessing the Archive of the Soul and its Journey

1 Linda Howe and Juliette Looye, How to Read the Akashic Records: Accessing the Archive of the Soul and Its Journey, (Boulder, CO: Sounds True, 2009, 2010). 

The author is Linda Howe with Juliette Looye. This book was recommended to us by a woman who makes her living by helping clients learn how to access the Akashic

2 “Akasha” is a Sanskrit word and means primary substance, that out of which all things are formed . . . it is the first stage of the crystallization of spirit. Records. She views her work as spiritual therapy. 

Our comments will be noted in this font. 

Here is the introduction to Linda Howe’s website that deals with the Records: 

The Akashic Record is a dimension of consciousness that contains a vibrational record of every soul and its journey. It is completely available everywhere. Location and time do not affect the Record. Human beings have been interacting consciously and unconsciously with this body of energies throughout history. These interactions have been both deliberate and accidental. Referred to in virtually every major traditional religion as the Book of Life and the Book of God’s Remembrance, this body of wisdom has been an ever-present source of spiritual support for people including those in our Western Judeo-Christian tradition. 

The Record is an experiential body of wisdom, insight, guidance, and healing information. This collective of spiritual consciousness is best revealed through a spiritual means. It is not a body of thought that can be linked with the mind through mental discipline (like visualization), although thought is included with the Record, as is emotion. The access of the Record can not be achieved through emotional or sensational means, though for many, the experience of the unconditional love of the Record 63 

can be very emotional. Essentially, the most efficient and effective means to spiritual consciousness is through spiritual action. 

For centuries, the Akashic Record has been the exclusive domain of mystics, scholars, and saints. Rightfully so. Infinite power and wisdom are available in the Record, and they have been entrusted to those well-prepared for the responsibility of deep knowing. In the U.S., it was through the work of Edgar Cayce in the early to mid-twentieth century (“The Sleeping Prophet”), that Akashic Records readings became a familiar practice in the movement of consciousness development. Today, the Records are no longer the exclusive domain of saints, scholars, and mystics. The collective consciousness of humanity has been growing, evolving, and maturing. 

In this time of great change, the availability of the Record is shifting. The light of the Spirit is pouring into human consciousness at an unprecedented rate. This light infusion is causing radical upheaval in all areas of life for the purpose of bringing us into the highest possible alignment with the Divine Reality. One of the great tools for the development of our consciousness is the Akashic Record. 

It all began when Linda Howe, at age twenty-eight, attended a Renaissance fair where a tarot reader looked at her cards. This experience gave her a desire to bring others the kind of help that came to her by means of tarot. Indeed, she writes, “I wanted to be a professional tarot card reader” (p. xxii). 

At a later point, she then began taking classes in shamanism at the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. She turned from the tarot to offering shamanic healings. This was followed by a desire to access both knowledge and power that could be simply and easily acquired. This led her to the Akashic Records. Soon she felt a significant “shift” and realized that this was where she needed to be. 

Linda connected with a woman, Mary Parker, who had received a “sacred prayer,” which served as an “access code” to the Records. This “prayer code” was something she recited and which then enabled her to enter into, experience, and exit the Records. This was the pathway for Linda to become certified to teach the Akashic Records by means of using the sacred prayer. At a later date, Linda received her own sacred prayer directly from the Records, and it is found in several places in her book. 

In her classes, where she teaches others how to enter into the Records, she uses a “meditation” in order to “facilitate this shift in consciousness” (p. xii). “The Pillar of Light” meditation is similar to a number of exercises designed to open oneself up to a shamanistic state of consciousness and involves properly sitting in a chair, mind clearing, breathing techniques, and so on, all to achieve a new consciousness or reach a spiritual plane. 

Chapter One is titled “An Introduction to the Akashic Records.” Linda begins by describing what the Akashic Records are. She writes, “The Akashic Records are a dimension of consciousness that contains a vibrational record of every soul and its journey. This vibrational body of consciousness exists everywhere in its entirety and is always completely available and in all places. As such, the Records are an experiential body of knowledge that contains everything that every soul has ever thought, said, and done over the course of its existence, as well as all its future possibilities” (p. 3). 

Indeed, the Records is a collection of all that a “soul” has experienced in past lives via reincarnation and even includes what will happen in future existences or lives. It is by working through this special and sacred knowledge that a soul is able to be healed from damage experienced in both former and present living experiences. 

In the process of accessing or opening the Akashic Records, a person moves from a “state of ordinary human consciousness to a state of Divine universal consciousness in which we recognize our Oneness with the Divine at all levels. This state of consciousness allows us to perceive the impressions and vibrations of the Records” (p. 4). 

In footnote #2, Akasha is described as the so-called primary substance, which Linda describes as “energy in its first and earliest state—before it has been directed by our individual thoughts and affected by our emotions in this lifetime” (p. 5). She then quotes passages from the Bible to support her theory. The first is from Psalm 56:8–9 where is found the phrase “your record.” The second is Psalm 40:7–8, “in the volume of the book” supposedly is a reference to the Records. Then Hebrews 10:7 and the phrase, “what is written of me in the volume of “The Book.” Fourth is from Psalm 139:16: “all were recorded in your book.” Last is “the book in which men’s actions, good and bad, are recorded, the Book of Life” from Revelation 20:1–2. Her last effort is a quote from “The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ.” 

Yet still in the first chapter, Linda explains that the “Akashic Records are governed and protected by a group of nonphysical Light Beings called the Lords of the Records.” These “beings ensure the safety and integrity of the Records. They determine not only who can access the Records but what information they can receive. The Lords of the Records work with the Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones—who serve as the interface between the Akashic and earthly realms by ‘downloading’ to the Masters, Teachers, and Loved ones the information that they will relay during each Akashic reading” (p. 6). 

It is explained that the Lords of the Records and the Akashic Masters are nonphysical beings, but some of the Teachers and all of the Loved Ones have previously existed as humans on earth. 

No one will ever see the Lords of the Records nor the Teachers and Loved Ones as they existed in human form, but it is possible to experience their  “energetic presence.” However, “the Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones prefer to remain anonymous so that we will learn to rely on the energy of the Records rather than on specific identities in the Records” (p. 7). 

A basic and core understanding of the Akashic Records is the doctrine of reincarnation and that all “souls” are eternal. Also, it is understood that the Records “hold the archive of each soul as it has existed from lifetime to lifetime as different human beings on the earth plane while evolving throughout time and space” (p. 7 and 8). 

Linda tries to ‘de-religionize’ the Records, teaching that any religion or spirituality may make use of them. We have also found that this concept is embraced even by those sitting in the pews of Christian churches. Those who identify with Hinduism, Buddhism, and any and all occult-oriented spiritualities may indeed incorporate the Records into their thinking and experience without much sense of contradiction. However, no biblically oriented Christian would ever do so, except under a cloud of confusion and deception. 

Edgar Cayce (1877–1945) gave out daily Akashic Records readings, more than fourteen thousand of them, which are yet accessible. Besides Cayce, others engaged in occult-oriented spiritualities also intersected with the Records. Now, the Records are seeing a revival across America. 

Linda Howe subscribes to the “Pathway Prayer Process” as a means of access to the Akashic Records. “While some people use prayers to access the Records, others gain access through hypnosis. Still others have been able to tap into the Records by using the symbols of the healing practice known as Reiki” (p. 12). Also, some are able to do so by means of various meditation practices and other forms of consciousness development. 

We would agree, based upon our own experience, that these people are accessing “something.” But what is that something? Almost any form of meditation that moves a person into what may be known as a shamanistic or altered state of consciousness may be wide open to demonic deception. There is a spiritual presence and power in the occult world, and in practices like the Records and Reiki, but it is not holy; rather, it is devilish, which may not be apparent for a long period of time. 

How can we speak in this very dogmatic manner? The answer is simply that, over the years, we and many others, have cast demons out of those who have engaged in such practices, despite how very sincere and dedicated they may have been. Entering into the so-called “meditative” state actually opens up a means whereby demonic spirits enter in, and these disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Yes, there is the element of power and knowledge, the cornerstones of the devilish kingdom,  but the end is worse than imaginable. 

Linda, on page 14, notes that there are not many books written about the Akashic Records, and she states that her book is one of the first of its kind. 

Today channeling of various sorts, psychic therapy, maneuvering energy, tarot card reading, astrology, etc., are growing in popularity. In fact, there are multitudes of people who make a living applying these esoteric forms of healing. These people have learned how to “channel” the energies they encounter “to move through our bodies, hearts, and minds” (p. 15). Those in Linda’s field “channel energy and information directly from the Akasha, not from entities or personalities from other dimensions,” which she believes is a far better and safer mechanism. 

Linda’s book is designed to use the Pathway Prayer Process to ”Access the Heart of the Akashic Records.” This is the primary reason for the writing of her book. She then asks the reader, “Why use a prayer to access the Akashic Records?” Her answer is, “Since they exist within the realm of spirit, they are considered a ‘spiritual’ entity, so this particular domain of consciousness is best accessed and achieved through the spiritual action of prayer” (p. 17). 

Perhaps it is here where some are lured into using the Records, since it appears to be religious, with an emphasis on prayer and meditation. That old enemy, that lying serpent, that master of disguise, has made good use of the Akashic Records. 

From our personal perspective, we can see why occult/spiritual practices are growing in popularity. For several decades past and perhaps many decades to come, there has been a downturn in Christianity of all forms— Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant, Pentecostal, and other. During such periods, something always comes along to feed the spiritual need, since we are all made in the image of God and are at our core hungry for what is authentically holy and spiritual. Eagerly waiting is a clever substitute, unhappily a demonic one. Of course, atheism satisfies some, especially if it can be linked with charitable causes. We would be atheists ourselves, if we were not Christians, but atheism does not fill the need for most of us. 

On page 31, Linda Howe explains the core dynamic behind engaging with the Akashic Records: “The first thing that will happen while you’re accessing your Records is that while you speak the Opening Prayer, you’ll shift out of your ordinary human consciousness and into the Divine universal consciousness.” 

This is exactly what happens to a person who carefully attends to the Pathway Prayer Process. 

And just what is the “Divine universal consciousness?” It is direct contact with the demonic kingdom ruled over by Satan itself. It is very spiritual, 67 

having direct contact with evil spirits, who will not usually be experienced as evil, and which are not in some other worldly realm, but are actually resident within that person. It is called “demon possession.” This is clear from the Scripture, has been so understood by Christians of all stripes down through the ages, and is widely known today. 

Does Linda Howe know what we are talking about? Yes, she does, as evidenced on page 32 in her strict denial of this possibility. She writes, “At this point, you may be wondering if any ‘negative’ energy or ‘dark’ entities can enter your consciousness or attach to you while you’re in the Akashic Records. My answer to you is no–unequivocally, unmistakably no.” 

Shamans, in their trance state, believe they leave the body and travel to the lower or upper word to do their work, perhaps retrieving a “soul” from the lower world and transporting it to the upper world, usually for a fee. But they have gone nowhere—it is all in their minds. It is the same with the Divine universal consciousness—it is all in the mind. Yes, a person entering this consciousness by means of the Pathway Prayer Process will “see” things in their mind’s eye. Linda writes, “You may see colors, auras, or energy fields, images, symbols, or shapes or ‘streaming video’ of a particular event” (p. 34). 

Such things may be seen but they are demonic illusions intended to convince the person so possessed to think something far different. And these events, as we have found so many times, are sufficient for evil spirits to capture their prey. 

Supposedly, by means of the Pathway Prayer Process, one may read his or her own Akashic Record or the Records of other people. There is a caveat, however, as Linda makes clear: “When opening another person’s Records, you must have his or her consent” (p. 66). And this is possible, says Linda, by following directives explained on page 48, which has nothing to do with contacting that person in real time. 

Then, even more remarkably, one can read the Records of animals or pets, as Linda assures those who have had strong attachments to deceased pets. Not only that, but the Records of public monuments, buildings, parks, cities, towns, or areas of land can be read. And more, also the Records of a company or a department within a company can be read. For those who use their craft for others, as counselors or chancellors, etc., they may obtain a patient’s or client’s Records as well. 

It is even possible to heal your own past lives in the Akashic Records, since the Records have a record of all our lifetimes, a search may be made to discover how things went badly in previous lives, and these traumas can then he healed. But this can only be done with the “permission of the Lords of the Records who then allow the Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones to share information that we are ready to hear” (p. 135).  

At the conclusion of her book, Linda lays out what she calls the “Absolutes,” which are “absolutely true of absolutely every soul, absolutely all of the time.” They are: 1) There’s always more than meets the (human) eye; 2) We are all One; 3) Everything and everyone is Divine; 4) Everyone is always in active pursuit of peace; 5) Reincarnation is not about “good” and “bad” lifetimes, and 6) Karma is not about reward and punishment. 

In closing out this piece on the Akashi Records, we want to make clear that we have found practitioners, professional or not, who have committed to the use of the Records, to be sincere and loving people, who mostly desire to help others and heal themselves from whatever trauma they are experiencing. We are friends with some of them who make their living using the Records. Our prayer for them is that the Holy Spirit of God will open their eyes and that they be freed from the enemy’s grasp. 


Excerpt from Wikipedia 

Wikipedia December 21, 2021 

In the religion of theosophy and the philosophical school called anthroposophy, the Akashic records are a compendium of all universal events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future in terms of all entities and life forms, not just human. They are believed by theosophists to be encoded in a non-physical plane of existence known as the mental plane. There are anecdotal accounts, but there is no scientific evidence for the existence of the Akashic records. 

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