Crystal Healing

The focus of this chapter is on a book by Alana Fairchild titled, Crystal Masters 333: Initiation with the divine power of heaven & earth, Blue Angel Publishing, 2014, and by going to her website,, it will be plain that she is fully qualified to present crystal healing. She is, however, different from many of those who identify healing with crystals. She connects with crystals via ascended masters. More on this later. 

On the back cover of Alana’s book is the following:


Notice the phrase “Spiritual guides” above. Notice also the phrase “Ascended Masters.” These are very real entities, but they are demonic spirits who are under the authority and control of the prince of demons, Satan. Alana is bowing down to the “god of this world” who has blinded the minds of those who submit to these guides and masters (See 2 Corinthians 4:3-4).

On the inside cover of Alana’s book is the following:


We, your guiding Ascended Masters, love you without condition

We help you remember and fulfill your divine life mission

We remind you to let go of your doubt and trust yourself completely

We help you remember that you, just like us, are divinity

By use of crystals one can be in touch with divine spiritual entities, and the 128 

reader must ask, what is the nature of these entities? Are they divine, angel like, highly evolved spirits, or something else? Our testimony is that they are demonic spirits pretending to be something divine and desirable. 

And how does it all work, you must ask? Supposedly, it is quite simple. All it takes is obtaining a crystal, trusting in the spiritual power flowing from it, placing it just so, and using your psychic intuition, along with meditation and mindfulness—you are now opened to receive spiritual beings, ascended masters, which are in reality evil spirits. 

We reach to you from within your own heart 

We are always with you, never apart 

We guide you to heal yourself and in doing so, the earth 

You are a sacred mid-wife, helping her rebirth 

Yes indeed, within you now, even at the core, one’s heart. And they will never leave you either. Sounds good? The only way they will leave is if someone who is a follower of Jesus, in the name and power of Jesus Christ, casts the demonic spirits out. 

We speak to you through signs, through intuition and dreams 

We call you to trust in what you feel, all is not as it seems 

We ask you to trust in the divine plan that is at play 

Surrender into it now, let the divine have its way 

The weird cacophony of the demons inside one’s body and brain distorts reality, but one is to trust in the divine plan. It can be said that demons are divine in that they are not human or animal or anything else that is tangible. Demons intend to crush and pervert human beings, since we are made in the image of God. 

It is your job to be all that you can possibly be  To live, to feel all that you feel, to know you are free 

Choose love over fear, we’ll help you if you ask. We are always supporting you in your divine life task. 

Sounds good? Makes sense? It does, but only if one has a relationship with the Lord Jesus, but such is not the case. Instead, it is a relationship with one or more demons. (However many there may be in a person, there is usually one head demon, the first one to enter into a person who had opened up to the demonic kingdom.) 

Over the course of four decades now, we have helped those who have unwittingly involved themselves in occultic/psychic processes and who have sought out deliverance from them. Very often, it is communicated to the one indwelt by demons that they will never leave and that no one can make them leave. This is a profound lie. We have found that, if a person begins to seek help, the demonic attacks pick up steam, since the demons know their time is now limited, and they want to derail the deliverance process. 

Fairchild writes that, to become an ascended master means to agree to be an initiate, and when that happens, one is no longer subject to “the karmic law of rebirth” (p. 11). So, rebirths no longer go on; rather, one exists in a spiritual dynamic able to help others become in tune with psychic therapies, among which are crystal healings. And one of the skills necessary to cultivate is being able to move into and out of altered states of consciousness. She says, “I had been doing it in my spiritual channelling and healing work” and the “healing” part was the use of crystals (p. 12). 

The “channelling” above was something Alana would do for hours at a time while she was writing her book. So, the material in it really comes to Alana via ascended masters. She writes, “It is channelling that has created most of this book, and so obviously I hold it in high esteem” (p. 16). 

Her experience is that not all who channel are in touch with true and mature ascended masters. To assure that she connects with only the purest, she prays, “I call upon the true Ascended Master who loves me unconditionally” (p. 16). 

Crystals and their cleansing 

“How do I work with the crystals?” is a short piece that is most relevant to what we hope to present in this chapter. The whole of it is that crystals have energy in them, and sometimes they need to be cleansed. She writes, “You can cleanse all crystals by visualizing a vibrant violet light, flecked with white” (p. 18). The cleansing removes that which is not pure in the crystal. That which is cleansed is negative energy. And one should not expose a crystal to water or sunlight. 

While cleansing a crystal one can say, “I call upon the beings of unconditional love who can assist with cleansing my crystal and transmuting negative energy into unconditional love. Through my own free will, so be it” (p. 18). 

Crystal Angels 

Every crystal has its own angel, Alana states, and may be called a nature spirit, an oversoul, or deva. “These crystal angels are the spirit, consciousness, wisdom and vibration of the entire crystal ‘species’” (p. 19). And these beings are called upon to perform healings. 

So then, when holding a crystal, one works with the energy of that particular crystal, its angel. And the practitioner calls upon the crystal angel for the healing. And it need not be that the actual crystal be present, since the angel of the crystal will be present. Alana writes, “Through connecting with the angel we can call on the healing energy of the crystal anyway” (p. 19). 

Energy healing is a term that describes working with crystals, it is all about energy, and the vibrations and energy of crystals can be the healing agent. This is the core of working with crystals, and each crystal has different energy. 

This is not dissimilar to Reiki, as it also has to do with moving energy and vibrations around, or releasing energy, or unblocking energy. 

The Crystals 

From page 23 to page 339, Alana describes one crystal after the other, 18 of them. Each section looks like these examples: 


ZINCITE (power) 



BUDDHA (Compassion) 

PERIDOT (Increase) 




CELESTITE (Serenity) 


The first line states the name of the personage—each one is identified with a figure in history or fantasy. The second line states the name of the crystal, here Zincite, Peridot, and Celestite. And the third line has to do with the need or act. 

Excerpts from Wikipedia 

Wikipedia, July 4, 2022 

Crystal healing is a pseudoscientific alternative-medicine practice that uses semiprecious stones and crystals such as quartz, agate, amethyst or opal. Adherents of the practice claim that these have healing powers, but there is no scientific basis for this claim. Practitioners of crystal healing believe they can 131 

boost low energy, prevent bad energy, release blocked energy, and transform a body’s aura. 

In one method, the practitioner places crystals on different parts of the body, often corresponding to chakras; or else the practitioner places crystals around the body in an attempt to construct an energy grid, which is purported to surround the client with healing energy. Scientific investigations have found no evidence that such “energy grids” actually exist, and there is no evidence that crystal healing has any greater effect upon the body than any other placebo. 

Where the practice is popular, it fosters commercial demand for crystals, which can result in environmental damage and exploitative child labor to mine the crystals. 


In Plato’s account of Atlantis, crystal healing is also mentioned. According to Plato, the Atlanteans used crystals to read minds and transmit thoughts. The first historical documentation of crystals originated from the Ancient Sumerians (c. 4500 to c. 2000 BC). The Sumerians used crystals in their magical formulas. 

Writings dating back as far as 400 BC make observations about the powers different crystals were believed to emit. Often if a negative incident occurred, a specific stone would be used in an attempt to counteract the negative effect. This was done by wearing amulets or other talismans around the neck with specific stones. 

The origins of crystal healing is tied to Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, India, Ancient Greece, or Ancient Rome. 

Ancient Egyptians mined for crystals and used them to make jewelry. Crystals or gemstones were also used in practice, for their metaphysical properties. Specifically, they used crystals as aids for health and protection. They often would bury a lapis lazuli scarab with their deceased, with the belief that it would protect them in the afterlife. Additionally, in Ancient Egypt amulets were used to ensure the well-being of the individual. The amulet’s shape, decoration, inscription, color, material, or ritual performed with the amulet dictated its power. Amulets were worn or placed on the body, in the form of stones, piercings, rings, necklaces, or other jewelry. The Egyptians used amulets to benefit their afterlife, often representing an Egyptian deity and their specific powers. Amulets were also placed on mummies or in between the mummy’s bandages, with funerary pieces usually being larger than those worn by the living. In funeral practices they also used headrest amulets, these were full-size headrests placed in tombs to protect the dead, they also symbolized the deceased rising and being revived, and the sun rising between two hills, which 132 

symbolized resurrection and rebirth. 

The Ancient Greeks assigned a multitude of properties to crystals. The word ‘crystal’ is derived from the Greek word “krýstallos” which translates to “ice”. The Ancient Greeks believed that clear quartz crystals were a water that had frozen to the point where it would remain in its solid form. The word “amethyst” in Ancient Greek language means “not intoxicate.” Amethyst was worn as an amulet that they believed would aid hangovers or prevent intoxication. 

Precious stones have been thought of as objects that can aid in healing— in a practice known as lapidary medicine—by a variety of cultures. The Hopi Native Americans of Arizona use quartz crystals to assist in diagnosing illnesses. Both Pliny the Elder and Galen claimed that certain crystals had medicinal properties. In Europe, the belief in the healing powers of crystals (and in particular crystal amulets) persisted into the Middle Ages. The alleged medicinal properties of precious stones, as well as other powers they were believed to hold, were collected in texts known as lapidaries, which remained popular in Medieval and Early Modern Europe until the 17th century. 

Across cultures, different stones can symbolize or provide aide for different things. An example of this is rose quartz. In Egypt, it was believed rose quartz could prevent aging, but the Romans used rose quartz as a seal to signify ownership, while in the Middle Ages it was used in healing potions, today rose quartz is known as the “love stone” and is used to balance emotions and heal anger and disappointment. 

Introduction to the New Age movement 

New Age crystal healing ties to three cultures, British, Indian, and Native American. British culture has a Pagan history which has inspired many people who practice modern-day witchcraft. Indian culture uses crystal healing as a form of holistic healing and is written in the holy texts of Indian culture. 

New-age healing in the Western world has ties to the British, and more specifically paganism. While many people may not want to practice animal sacrifice, modern practices have simplified many ancient rituals and practices, making them more available and attractive to those in Western society. Western astrology is also used with crystals, and ties into modern paganism. Practitioners believe certain stones align with and share properties with certain planets. Using astrological birth charts someone may also use types of stones that are compatible with their star signs. 

In the Vedic texts of Hinduism, specifically the Garuda Purana and Graha-gocara, there is a lot of information about the importance of crystals in Indian culture. In these texts Hindu Demigods trick the Vedic demon Valla into attending a pretend sacrifice ritual and after allowing himself to be tied to a stake, Valla learns the demigods are not pretending and the Demigods 133 

dismember Valla, whose body parts turn into gem seeds which contain talismanic powers, made more powerful the purer the gem. Vedic crystal practices is still alive in modern India and are used by both the older and younger generations. 

Tibetan refugees practicing Buddhism used crystals in meditation as malas, or prayer beads and many other people in Indian culture still use crystal healing when modern medicine does not work or is unattainable. 

Native American culture and crystal healing have been passed down through generations through word of mouth, due to this many traditions and secrets have been lost due to the extinction of many indigenous languages. In native cultures there are two important principals when it comes to crystal healing, meditation, and respect. Meditation varies from person to person but usually includes good thoughts and a healthy mindset when handling crystals. In Native American culture crystals are considered an entity and you must show respect to the stones, you can also show respect to the crystals through respect of the Earth. In native traditions they can use the crystals by wearing them to benefit from healing vibrations, either one at a time or several but the stones should never touch, or tinctures can be made with the stone and water and then administered internally. 

Contemporary use 

New Age 

In the English-speaking world, crystal healing is heavily associated with the New Age spiritual movement: “the middle-class New Age healing activity par excellence”. In contrast with other forms of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), participants in crystal healing view the practice as “individuated”, that is dependent on extreme personalization and creative expression. Practitioners of crystal healing purport that certain physical properties such as shape, color, and markings, determine the ailments that a stone can heal; lists of such links are published in commonly distributed texts. Paradoxically, practitioners also “hold the view that crystals have no intrinsic qualities but that, instead, their quality changes according to both participants. After selecting the stones by color or their believed metaphysical qualities, they place them on parts of the body. Color selection and placement of stones are done according to concepts of grounding, chakras, or energy grids. 

Crystal healing today is often featured in jewelry and is used side by side with yoga, meditation, or mindfulness. Often people turn to crystal healing when they become dissatisfied with modern medicine and people are looking to revive cultural traditions from older generations. Today the use of crystal healing is typically used by middle and upper-class individuals because they have the time and resources to seek out this type of alternative medicine. More affluent people are also able to afford better quality crystals. 

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