Do those who transgender live a better life?

A better life? 

I must bring up the question as to whether those who transition live a better life after the hormones and surgery? Now that their sexual apparatus matches how they feel about themselves, are these people now happy and well adjusted? What I have found after more research is that such is not the case. In fact, in many instances, life becomes more difficult. 

And one more thing–I have discovered that those who seek to transition receive much attention, encouragement, and support. Recently I read the account of a fifth grader saying to a teacher that he thought he ought to be a girl. That started a process, one that the boy’s parents were not permitted to be involved in, and at that young age, this person was rushed to judgment. Yes, there was a required counseling process, but how unbiased would that likely have been? It is almost forbidden, even for parents, to attempt to help a person with gender dysphoria to work through issues.

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