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Kent Philpott, author of The Third Sex? and The Gay Theology, written in the 1970s and published by Logos International, looks back on that period which spawned an outreach to gays and lesbians who desired, as followers of Jesus, to leave that lifestyle behind. That outreach, known as Love in Action, created a great deal of controversy, which continues to this day, long after the close of the ministry.

From past to present, this book updates those concerns and focuses new attention on transgender issues, now a topic discussed by religious, social, political, and educational groups worldwide. Philpott says, “Those suffering from sexual dysphoria especially stirred me to offer some encouragement, comfort, and hope.”

Though the LGBTQ+ community attempts to discourage and disparage those of us who have differing points of view, we welcome this. The reality is that there is yet in our “accepting culture” those who will proclaim biblical moral standards regarding sexuality.

My wife Katie and I presented the book at the National Religious Broadcasters convention in Nashville late February 2020. The response was beyond our wildest imagination. We could have signed a larger number of copies, but we only brought 50 copies with us.

            At the signing booth we heard story after story from people who had sons, daughters, granddaughters, grandsons, siblings, even one husband, and other assorted relations, transitioning. Tears were shed. Questions went unanswered. Frustrations boiled to the surface. And we realized we had more work to do.

Later today Katie will ask for our Print on Demand company, LSI, to alter the book now out and add two invitations. Below this paragraph is the first one:


At the book-signing booth at the National Religious Broadcasters convention in Nashville, February 26, 2020, six or seven people for whom I signed this book told me of members of their families who were in the process of transitioning. One wife of a pastor said their 18-year-old son was nearing the time for hormones and surgery.

During the remaining days of the convention, numbers of others approached my wife Katie and me, relating similar stories. This was sorely needed pastoral ministry for them; they had someone to whom to talk who might understand what they were going through.

You may also have a story to tell. Our intention is to compile such stories for a follow-up book to the one you are reading now.

We invite you to send us your story, your personal experience, in 1,000 words or less. We will not publish any names or addresses.

Please send your story to: or

For the stories we choose to include in this project, we will send a “release form,” which will give us permission to publish your story.

Our intention is to bring some encouragement to others to know they are not alone in their time of confusion, sorrow, and grief.

Kent and Katie Philpott

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