A Challenge to Pro-Gay folks

  1. Are we a culture that is unable to say that there are wrong choices? 
  2. Why is the LGBTQ+ community so invested in transgender issues? 
  3. Why do the LGBTQ+ folks reject the designation homosexual? 
  4. If being homosexual is only natural, why oppose the usage of the term? 
  5. Do they think there is something wrong with the term heterosexual? 
  6. Shouldn’t the gay community be opposing transgenderism? Is the connection rooted in the struggle with same-sex attraction? 
  7. Is it about protecting sexual freedom from the standard norms of the West, and of course, of Christianity? 
  8. Must everyone get on board? 
  9. If some people believe homosexual behavior is sinful, are they then “homophobic?” 
  10. Must everyone think alike? 


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