An invitation to a class on Exorcism (If you are interested, email me, and I will send you the link Sunday

Hello Everyone, Starting this next Sunday, following the morning service, we will have our first class on exorcism, or as we like to refer to it, Deliverance Ministry.
It will be recorded, by Zoom, and anyone may join the Zoom meeting. Hoping that as many as possible will be with us in person.
This is a major effort on our part. It is so crucial to our ministry in this world today. For four decades I have avoided this area, but now no longer. Here is what the class is going to look like.
One, first, we are going over the book, Deliver us from Evil: How Jesus Casts Out Demons Today. There will be a copy for everyone who is present. For those living away from Marin, please go to, type in my name, and then you will find the book. It is inexpensive.
Two, we will be going over the redo of The Deliverance Book, Katie has it almost ready, It will be a “Little Book” and we will make it available to everyone at no cost.
Three, we will be going over my ThM thesis, published by Zonderva n in 1973, A Manual of Demonology and The Occult. Again, we will make this book available. During the 1970s it was printed in other languages, sold lots of copies, and is essential to an understanding of occultism through the ages and now.
Four, for those willing, we will learn to engage in deliverance ministry.
Five, we have two extra copies of Richard Gallagher’s book: Demonic Foes: My Twenty-Five Years As A Psychiatrist Investigating Possessions, Diabolic Attacks, and the Paranormal. It was published on October 6th. Katie and I are going through it now and the extra copies will be available starting this Sunday. He is an MD, specializing in psychiatry, a Roman Catholic, and does he tell the story.
What is this all about?
1. You will be getting an education in a wide variety of areas. This is my job to equip for ministry. And at this  point in our culture, nothing could be of greater significance.
2. If so desired, you will be equipped to do deliverance ministry. It will be of tremendous value to you.
Kent Philpott, Pastor, Miller Avenue Baptist Church, Mill Valley, CA

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