Psalm 32:1-11

Blessed are the Forgiven

Find a quiet place, alone and apart from distractions. Be comfortably alert, still, and at peace. Recite the Lord’s Prayer. Sing or cant the Jesus Prayer. Pray for family, friends, neighbors, and yourself. Slowly and carefully read the passage of Scripture.

1.         This Psalm of David is the testimony of a forgiven sinner, one whose transgression is forgiven and whose sin is covered.

2.         Prior to the psalmist’s confession of sin, his life was miserable with groaning all the day long.

3.         Day after day, night after night, David cries as God’s hand was upon him. Then we find the musical note Selah, which may mean a choir or a musician is heard.

4.         But then, in deep despair, sin is confessed; the Psalmist now ceases to cover his sin but lays his life open.

5.         Upon confession, the Psalmist is forgiven of his sin. And the choir or a musician is heard, underscoring the mercy received, which results in praising God who is gracious and forgiving.

6.         The forgiven Psalmist now becomes a preacher and calls out to all to make prayers of confession so that they may be protected from the dangers of their sins.

7.         Indeed, God is a hiding place, One who brings deliverance. The Psalmist can hear that now God will teach and counsel those who have been forgiven of their sin.

8.         The Psalmist admonishes other to no longer be stubborn, like a horse or mule that knows not the grace of God.

9.         The Psalmist knows that great is the pain and suffering of those who rebel against their God. In great contrast is the steadfast love God gives to those who trust In Him.

10.       Since these things are a clear reality, be glad in the LORD, and rejoice, even shout for joy.                                        

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