A Lamp under a Jar, Jesus’ Mother and Brothers, & Jesus Calms a Storm

Luke 8:16–25

Find a quiet place, alone and apart from distractions. Be comfortably alert, still, and at peace. Say the Lord’s Prayer. Sing the Jesus Prayer. Pray for family, friends, neighbors, and yourself. Slowly and carefully read the passage of Scripture.

1.         Three stories now, one involving a lamp, then the story of Jesus’ mother and brothers (maybe sisters too), and Jesus calming a storm at sea

2.         A lamp, when lit, is not covered up, no, the purpose is to be able to see in the darkness. Jesus here teaches that everything will be clear, understood, indeed, the darkness will be separated from the light. We find that Jesus is “the light of the world” in John 8:12.

3.         At one point, fairly early on in Jesus’ ministry, members of His family come to Him, for an unknown reason, and in trying to speak with Him are unable to make contact due to a large crowd. When Jesus is told of this, He responds that his mother and brothers, His actual family, are those who both hear and do the “word (Logos) of God.”

4.         Then a storm at sea, the Sea of Galilee, reveals the incredible authority that Jesus has.

5.         Jesus falls asleep in the boat, quite a large one, able to accommodate at least 13 adult men, and out of fear the disciples wake Him up and announce, “we are perishing.”

6.         Jesus “rebuked” both the wind and the waves, and there was calm.

7.         Then Jesus wants to know what happened to their faith. Their response was a kind of fear as they were face to face with what Jesus had just done. They wondered, Who is this person?

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