Concluding Thoughts

I am glad I decided not to kill myself. How close did I come to it? Likely unanswerable.

I am also glad you read this tiny booklet, and that you have the strength to look at reality. It takes emotional strength to face such a thing. 

Last, I want to state again the reason for this piece; if I could be up front and admit what I went through, so can you. To fess up does not mean you are weak or a basket case. No not at all, just the opposite since it reveals that you have the ability to face difficult issues and talk about them.

Suggestion, keep this booklet handy as you might find someone else to give it to.

Here is my email address, in case a reader wants to talk through things.

Please include a phone # and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Now this from Sharon Dutra whom I interviewed, along with her husband Mike a few years ago. They have produced a fabulous 16 minute video and gave it to me to put the link to the video in this book. Below is the email she sent me.

Hi Pastor Kent,

If you want to use the YouTube video of my testimony, which explains why I didn’t kill myself. You are welcome to it.

Here is the link:


There is a national suicide and crisis number as well: 988. It is, it is a Suicide & Crisis Lifeline.

Lastly, you may have a story to tell. If so, write it out, not long, edit it carefully, and send it along to me and we will include your piece in a new edition of this book.

Another help line is titled “warm” and it can be reached by typing into a browser: Try it, it is very helpful.

Some states have help lines too, here in California it is Cal help.

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