Part Four of Sharon Dutra’s Essay

You may not even be from a background like mine. But I know that if you are not in relationship with Jesus, some part of you longs for peace, joy, hope, and purpose. There are millions of stories about people searching for these very treasures, but many are disillusioned after time. No matter what you try, what you strive for, or what you believe you want in this life, nothing will ever fill the void in your heart until you surrender your life to Jesus Christ.

Jesus gives life. He heals our wounds. He gives us freedom from fear and bondage to ourselves. New thoughts and ways of relating become ours as we learn to forgive and put others before ourselves. No life is too broken for Jesus to mend.                                                                 

       Reconciliation is possible with God and others, because He took our sin upon Himself on the Cross. His immense act of love literally frees us from the obligation of working to “pay” for our sins, as so many religions are hopelessly striving to do.                                                                

       I believe that when human beings come into an intimate relationship with the God of the Bible, they develop a true sense of morality. God is all love, but He is at the same time, absolutely just. The two work hand-in-hand beautifully.                                                                         

       Now, the essence of my whole life is to “Serve God by serving others”. My purpose is to share the gift I have received, and what has worked so extremely well for me. You can take it or leave it – it’s your free choice. But who wouldn’t want joy and life satisfaction? Who doesn’t crave a release from intense self-hatred and hopelessness? And just as importantly, please realize that the choice you make to accept or reject Jesus will decide your eternal destiny.                                                                                                  

       I have finally found what I have always been looking for, indeed, what I believe every soul searches for. Jesus wants nothing more than to have a relationship with you, no matter where you are or where you have been.                                                                                               

       I implore you to invite Jesus into your heart today. If you are at the end of your rope; if you are through trying to live life according to your rules; and if you want to experience real peace, joy, and love, now is the time to surrender your life to Christ. Please pray with me:

Jesus, I have been searching for peace and happiness my whole life. I have tried everything to fill the emptiness in my heart, but I haven’t found anything that really works. I now realize that it’s because I have never confessed my sin to You and received forgiveness for my selfish ways. I now admit that I have done a poor job of running my life. I ask you for forgiveness for everything I have done against You, myself, and others. I want to start a new life with You, one filled with contentment and purpose. I want to live for something greater than myself. I want to commit my life to you right now. Thank You! In Jesus Name, Amen.

       If you would like to learn more about how to begin your journey with Jesus, please visit our website at, or write Be Transformed Ministries at P.O. Box 597, Grover Beach, CA  93433. Sharon has written 2 other books (New Beginnings: Understanding the Basic Principles of the Christian Faith and Fishers of Men: Becoming a Dynamic Disciple of Jesus Christ). These books are now in 4 languages and are being used in 8 countries by churches, prisons and pastor training conferences. We would love to hear from you and send you free literature to help you grow in your faith. God bless you.

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