Kundalini Awakening

The introduction to this section of Psychic Empath states, “Kundalini awakening journeys are life changing. Once you start, you will never look at life the same” (p. 113). The energy of Kundalini is very powerful, the author states, and the “energy is pure, addicting, empowering, and so full of love and joy that it truly is unlike anything you have ever experienced before” (p. 113).

Again, our own comments will be shown in this font.

Only parts of this section apply to the central focus of this book, which is the use of Kundalini to bring enlightenment or therapeutic help to others. Kundalini awakening may or may not be used as Reiki or Akashic Records are—that is, in treating other people as a counselor would. However, understanding and/or being acquainted with the concepts behind Kundalini may be of value.

In chapter 1: Kundalini Basics, we find that Kundalini is also known as “goddess power” or “serpent power.” At the base chakra, in the lower part of the spine, there is said to be an energy that is unparalleled and is pictured as a coiled serpent. The goal of the awakening is to uncoil the serpent and have it ascend upward to the six other higher chakras until it reaches the apex, the crown chakra in the head. It is supposed that this will lead to a higher spiritual level. And the author’s recommendation is, “If you want to go deeper into spirituality, if you want to be able to harness psychic powers, then this is the one for you” (p. 113). The term “psychic powers” is key here and is the reason for including this material on Kundalini in this book.

Kundalini and Prana

A distinction is drawn between Kundalini and prana, though the terms are related. Prana is said to be an energy, a pervading energy, and is said to exist in all humans. However, when the dormant Kundalini, that serpent energy at the bottom chakra, is awakened, a “strong rush of prana surges through the body” (p. 114). And Kundalini can be awakened by drawing prana into the area where Kundalini resides, which is the at the base of the spine. 

Prana is the term used in India for this energy—it is chi in china, pneuma in Greece, and mana in ancient Polynesia. These all refer to spiritual energy. The point is to awaken the energy, and Kundalini is one of these techniques used to do this. 

The Kundalini awakening is said to be connected to various health benefits, in that it promotes good health, regulates and corrects blood pressure, relieves stress, and can fight and even cure cancer and diabetes, plus other diseases. It is also said to relieve stomach and liver problems and helps relieve kidney stones and gallstones. Also, it is supposed to give clarity of thought and increase focus, attention, and mental power (p. 117). 

Paramhansa Yogananda referred to prana as the “life-power” and said it is an inconspicuous or astral body made up of prana that underlies the physical” (p. 134) and also that prana is used to allude to the breath. Through or by means of breath control with deep breathing, prana is said to stream up in the inconspicuous spine related to the inward breath, and down with the exhalation” (p. 134). 

Breathing then is a central focus of the meditation process that is necessary to awaken Kundalini. 

Awakening Kundalini: the word “Kundalini” means serpent 

Throughout this section, various practices are described on how to awaken the Kundalini, but they all center on types of meditation, especially those focused on breathing techniques. And it is expected that anyone wishing to awaken their Kundalini will engage in long hours of meditation. “The best way to awaken the Kundalini is by doing meditation” (p. 118). 

At this point, a statement is required to the effect that the process of unleashing the Kundalini is little more than opening the door to the indwelling of demonic spirits—yes we are saying it again. People who seek this awakening are innocently opening themselves up to this tragic and dark event. Those who have been involved in this practice and then turn to Jesus as Savior and Lord have had these demonic spirits cast out of them. 

According to the authors of Psychic Empath, “at the moment of the awakening of the Kundalini, you can expect for a powerful rush of energy through your body” (p. 119). This occurs as the Kundalini energy is released, and the serpentine power shoots up through the other chakras. That which prevents the serpent power from being released is referred to as a blockage, and the solution is to make sure there is a free flow of energy through the energy channel meridians. Besides that, one must make sure the chakras are “cleansed and aligned.” 

One way of clearing the chakras is to manage stress levels, which is achieved by means of proper meditation. It is said that “meditation is strongly related to mystical experiences and Kundalini syndromes” (p. 120). This meditation is said to be more effective than yoga or prayer. 

It is said that mystical experiences occur when meditating upon a deity, a guru, a holy man or woman, or a sacred concept. Mantras can also be used, and one that is often used is “ong namo guru dev namo,” which means “I bow to the divine within” (p. 121). 

Here it is, in deep states of meditation and reciting the mantra above over and over, that a passive or shamanistic or altered state of consciousness is achieved, which in turn is the means by which demonic spirits are able to enter the meditator. Every single one of the practices in Psychic Empath resort to the same practices—various forms of meditation. 

Prayer is said to not be as effective as meditation, and that “Catholics or Christians may experience the descent of the Holy spirit—it is similar to the Kundalini but in a form that their belief systems are already predisposed to accept” (p. 121). 

Our opinion is that the above is at best a misstatement, whether intentionally misleading or born of ignorance. Christian and Catholic prayers are alert and conscious statements of praise and worship, along with requests, that are directed to the God who hears our prayers. In researching for this book, we have found numbers of statements similar to that presented in the previous paragraph. There are, however, forms of prayer, often called Contemplative Prayer, that are practiced by some Christians, which can be more meditative than actual praying, and we avoid this sort of spirituality. 

Moving Kundalini energy up 

The goal is to move the Kundalini energy up from the bottom chakra to the higher chakras. “Interestingly, waking the stored Kundalini energy can be done not only by stirring it and forcing it to shoot up from below, but it can also be coaxed upward by drawing it from above. To do this, you must make your higher chakras magnetic” (p. 125). And this can be done by meditation upon saints, mystics, deities, and other spiritual entities. 

This process is dependent, however, on cleansing and strengthening the body so that the Kundalini energy can move upward. But when it does move upward, there may be serious side effects such as a sense one is “falling apart” or experiencing “intense bouts of chaos and stress.” This may result in experiencing “massive life changes as a result of this falling apart” (p. 127). 

Part of the “falling apart” may include physical symptoms like shaking, visual disturbances, inability to relax, feeling major rushes of energy, near-death  experiences—these often accompany being awakened. 

In addition, emotional symptoms are very common in Kundalini awakenings such as anxiety, despair, and depression. Also, there can be elation, joy, and overwhelming peace. Plus, there is the experience of massive influxes of energies. 

Our experience in dealing with people over the decades is that these symptoms or experiences are the result of being indwelt by spiritual entities, and here we mean demons, which is a powerful spiritual event. Instead of being “awakened,” a person is now under the power and influence of evil spirits. 

Yoga, the various aspects of it as identified by Yogananda, are Prana Vayu, Apana Vayu, Udana Vayu, Samana Vayu, and Vyana Vayu, and this all has to do with moving air, the breath in the body. This is controlling prana. Indeed, prana “rides on the breath.” When we breath in, we take in prana, and when we exhale, we are clearing channels. A significant part of the body are the chakras, and in yoga the moving of the air impacts the chakras. It is said that the sense of well-being comes when the breath frees the chakras. So much then depends on the yoga breathing processes. 

Our experience with those who are dedicated to the breathing exercises, the yoga of breathing, is that the meditation processes result in a passive or altered state of consciousness, if not at first, then, over time, when a practitioner achieves deep states of mindlessness, curiously called mindfulness. Into the vacuum come the demonic spirits, which entry can be dramatic, even exhilarating. It seems very much like a spiritual achievement, a state of enlightenment, but it is far from that. 

The Attainment of Psychic Abilities 

Here now we come to the reason this piece on Kundalini is included. The so-called process of awakening the Kundalini leads to only one reality— the development of psychic abilities, and these abilities are used in what we call psychic therapy, which is incredibly popular in our culture and is the chief reason for the presentation of this book. The following paragraph, all quotes from Psychic Empath, is the essential reason for the tremendous growth of those who practice psychic therapies of one kind or another, including the types of life coaching that use psychic abilities such as those found in the use of the Akashic Records and Reiki. 

“Psychic abilities are said to be supernatural powers. . . . If only people could take more time to meditate, then you will see that psychic abilities are supposed to be very common. In fact, regular practice of even the basic breathing meditation can help you awaken your latent psychic abilities. . . . The more that you meditate, the more that you will realize the psychic abilities that you possess” (p. 153). 

And there are different psychic abilities. There are the “clair” abilities. One of which is clairaudience, which means clear hearing, or that what is heard is right. “It is also worth noting that messages from the spiritual world are often received through this psychic ability. . . . You might think of it as messages from your guardian angel. . . . The more that you do meditation, the more that you will be able to notice this ‘voice’ in your head” (p. 154–155). 

Another psychic ability is claircognizance, also known as clear knowing. This is different from clairaudience, however. Here no voice is heard; instead, the person simply knows what is true. 

Clairvoyance has to do with clear seeing, which may be the seeing of symbols, dreams, visions, images, and colors and may be seen with either the physical or the mind’s eyes. It is also possible to gain access to your own soul and even the soul of every person within the universe, whether past, present, or future. These are not daydreams, imaginations, or wishful thinking. 

Clairsentience means clear sensing, which lets one feel the future, past, or present of a person and also their emotional states and energy. 

Aura reading is a psychic gift that allows one to see a light present around a person, which alerts one to their spiritual state. 

Channeling is a psychic gift that allows one to enter a trance and let another spirit speak through you. “It’s sort of like demonic or angelic possession, but it’s voluntary. The person who acts as the channel will almost always be fully willing to let the spirit talk through him or her” (p. 183). 

Automatic writing is a psychic gift that involves channeling. This gift enables the writer to be able to channel one’s higher self, guides, angels, guardians, and write down what is heard (p. 183). 

Examples of automatic writing that many are acquainted with are The Book of Mormon, The Course in Miracles, the Jesus Calling series, and to some degree, the Qur’an

Another psychic ability is telekinesis. This is the ability to move objects using only the power of the mind, of which there are two aspects, macrokinesis and microkinesis. The “macro” refers to large objects, and “micro” to small objects. And for these, deep meditation is required. 

Then there is pyrokinesis, which allows a person to control fire. For instance, a candle is to be lighted, then the flame is to be focused on until a person is at one with the flame. Under this condition, the flame, via visualization, can be moved. 

Divination, which is the seeking of knowledge about the future by using supernatural means. “It is an attempt to get insight about a situation or question by using standardized, occult rituals or processes” (p. 175). 

The use of Tarot cards is a means of doing so, and also the use of pendulums. The author(s) state a pendulum can be found in any occult shop. 

Psi Healing is another healing technique using prana. The author(s) suggest, “You could find a school for pranic or Reiki healing and take classes” (p. 177). 

Mediumship, which is said to be highly coveted for those seeking psychic ability. It is the contacting of dead people, and Kundalini awakening can help get attain this psychic gift. 

Premonition is a psychic ability of being able to see into the future. 

Psychometry is a psychic ability that connects with facts about an object, thing, animal, place, or person by means of touching it. 

Retrocognition is the psychic ability of being able to see into the past. 

Telepathy is the psychic ability to communicate with another person without actually speaking verbally to him or her, by means of thought, emotion, or vibration. 

Astral Travel is something that is growing in popularity and is essentially travelling to other places when you are asleep. Some however, are said to travel into the underworld, the outer world, the present world, the past, the present, the future, anywhere at all while being in a passive or altered state of consciousness. One can even visit magical planes and celestial spheres. 

Floating, refers to leaving your physical body and which then seems like one is floating. This happens when one feels he or she is in his or her astral body. 

Third Eye refers to the ajna chakra, which is located between the eyebrows. This chakra is the seat of intuition and is the key to the power of clairvoyance. The third eye must be open and the two bodies, the physical and the astral body, are separated. 

Psychic Awareness 

The more one practices and develops meditation techniques, the more one will be in touch with psychic senses; it is a process of becoming aware of these psychic senses. “You can rest for sure that you will develop several psychic senses/ abilities if you religiously practice the techniques in this book” (p. 159). 

The key to success here is to become aware of the presence of energy. It is noted that from the word “psychic” comes from the word psi, which means energy. 


Another key to psychic awareness is to develop empathy, which is to allow one to sense human emotions and feelings. “And empathy is developed by doing the exercises in this book” (p. 160). 

For example, when meeting with a person, “visualize a chord that connects your heart chakra to the heart chakra of the other person. Keep a clear and open mind” (p. 160–161). It is therefore vital to develop the capacity of the heart chakra, and this is done by charging your heart chakra with energy and this is done via visualization. Let the heart chakra be energized until it is shining brightly in your mind’s eye. Do this several times a day” (p. 161). 

How then does one develop psychic abilities? The core of it is to focus on your breath, which is necessary to be able to cleanse and charge oneself. Then inhale and visualize positive energy coming into your body. Then exhale and feel the negative energies going out of the body. Make sure to meditate every day. And an object one encounters—hold it, feel it, and then allow your intuition to tell you the history of the object. This is known as psychometry. One must develop one’s intuition and pay attention to what it tells you. Another key is to work on one’s intuition and make sure your third eye is open. 

If this sounds fantastical, impossible, or crazy, you are right. What it actually does is create in a person who practices it a passive, altered, or shamanistic state of mind. Over a period of time, those who follow these techniques will become out of step with reality, detached and outside that which is normal. It can also take on the appearance of mental illness. The fact is that it is an invitation to be invaded by demonic spirits, which can be exhilarating at first but later becomes an awful burden. And here we recognize that only Jesus Christ casts out demons. 

If you or someone you know has tried these techniques and report that they actually work, that psychic knowledge of the past and of what is happening in other people’s lives has proved to be true, please be aware that the demons have been in this world since at least before human kind and that they are constantly observing humans and their activities, sometimes for the sole purpose of telling those they indwell these “secrets” and thus enabling their hosts to attain a supernatural knowledge otherwise unavailable. That certainly ensures that the demons are allowed to remain within the human and not be cast into hell, which is what happens to them during deliverance ministry. In fact, we have experienced firsthand while doing that ministry that the demons will threaten their human hosts with the loss of these powers, should they be sent away. The follower of Jesus is willing to give up these unclean powers, but the non-believer is usually not, regardless of the trouble and even torture the demons inflict. 

Chapter 8 explains How to Awaken Kundalini: 

Step one is to focus on your breath, then reject negativity, keep a good posture, access the “central channel,” use visualization, activate your interests, cut out  distractions, and this by refining your diet, moving your body, being a watcher, finding your tribe, getting a mentor, chant, chant, chant, enable your interests, go with the flow, make affirmations, listen to music for relaxation, and finally think of unplugging from the internet every now and then. 


Excerpts from Wikipedia 

Wikipedia on Kundalini. Gathered January 10, 2022 

In Hinduism, Kundalini is a form of divine feminine energy (or Shakti) believed to be located at the base of the spine, in the muladhara. It is an important concept in Śhaiva Tantra, where it is believed to be a force or power associated with the divine feminine or the formless aspect of the Goddess. This energy in the body, when cultivated and awakened through tantric practice, is believed to lead to spiritual liberation. Kuṇḍalinī is associated with Parvati or Adi Parashakti, the supreme being in Shaktism; and with the goddesses Bhairavi and Kubjika. The term, along with practices associated with it, was adopted into Hatha yoga in the 9th century. It has since then been adopted into other forms of Hinduism as well as modern spirituality and new age thought. 

Kuṇḍalinī awakenings are said to occur by a variety of methods. Many systems of yoga focus on awakening Kuṇḍalinī through meditation; pranayama breathing; the practice of asana and chanting of mantras. Kundalini Yoga is influenced by Shaktism and Tantra schools of Hinduism. It derives its name from its focus upon the awakening of kundalini energy through regular practice of Mantra, Tantra, Yantra, Asanas or Meditation. The Kuṇḍalinī experience is frequently reported to be a distinct feeling of electric current running along the spine. 

Kundalini awakening 

The experience of Kundalini awakening can happen when one is either prepared or unprepared. 

According to Hindu tradition, in order to be able to integrate this spiritual energy, a period of careful purification and strengthening of the body and nervous system is usually required beforehand. Yoga and Tantra propose that Kundalini can be awakened by a guru (teacher), but body and spirit must be prepared by yogic austerities, such as pranayama, or breath control, physical exercises, visualization, and chanting. The student is advised to follow the path in an open-hearted manner. 

Traditionally, people visited ashrams in India to awaken their dormant kundalini energy with regular meditation, mantra chanting, spiritual studies and physical asana practice such as kundalini yoga.

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