End Note

I am not anti-Muslim

I am not anti-Muslim nor am I Islamophobic. I am a Christian pastor, and my calling and work is to reach out to those who are not trusting in Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I am hoping to fulfill the command of my Lord Jesus to preach His Word to all that I can.

Muslims will do the same to all those who are not Muslim. Some Muslims will present their message and leave it at that. Others will subjugate others and demand their conversion, and if not, death could follow. What a difference between the Muslim witness and the Christian witness as Jesus demonstrated it.

Almost twenty years ago, I had the sense that God was calling me to reach out to Muslim people. That impression came to me when coaching high school freshman baseball with two Muslim players on the team. They were great kids, and I became acquainted with their parents, and so then I began to pray for them that they would find Jesus. Then followed the essays and articles and finally whole books, all written with the purpose of reaching out to Muslims.

The next step was a two-year long television series with Imam Abu Qadir Al-Amin, head of a Sunni Mosque in San Francisco. For two years, we “debated,” rather “discussed” key topics. This series is still available and can be found by going to milleravenuechurch.org/watch-our-tv-shows.

While I am not anti-Muslim, I am against forced Islamism. Islamism is an extremist ideology that intends to convert the world and all its peoples to Islam, so that it will be governed by Sharia law. Though those who move in this direction are not a substantial majority, still it has captured enough of the faithful to make things dangerous.

Indeed, the true Muslim is obligated to work to destroy that which stands in the way of Islam dominating the entire world, and by any means. To kill in the name of Allah is not only accepted but emulated by far too many extremists. These jihadists do not see themselves as extremists but see others who are not striving mightily to convert the world’s people to Islam as being weak, misled, and subject to elimination.

This is tragic in two ways. One, there is no peace and pleasure in living in the world, rather strife and conflict is constant. Two, Muslim people are being fed a false salvation. There is no heaven waiting for the Muslim, only judgment and everlasting separation from God. Herein are the reasons for the writing and publication of this book. It is our effort to reach out to Muslim people, for they are people for whom our Lord Jesus Christ died, rose again, and will one day return to usher in eternity. May peace be upon Muslims the world over.

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