How to Recognize that You Have a Demon

 Chapter 30 of Pathways to Darkness

This chapter is based upon our experience of casting demons out of those who came to us for help. Over 99% of these were Christians, persons previously engaging in dangerous spiritual practices, but having come to Jesus as Lord and Savior, who recognized their need and looked for help. 

There were a few instances when non-Christians came for deliverance after they had been tormented by evil spirits living in them or around them. None of them, however, went through with it, because the indwelling demons warned them that the goodies they were providing would disappear. Following is one example. 

Some years back, maybe fifteen years ago, Kent received a phone call from a young man, about thirty years of age, who lived on Bridgeway Avenue in an apartment complex in Sausalito, right across the street from Mollie Stones, a large grocery store. He would be told, not out loud, but in his head somehow, that he was to cross the street, enter the store, go to a particular aisle where a woman could be found, and who would then come with him and spend the night with him. Sex, of course, was the main attraction. 

As usual, Kent began to command any demonic spirit(s) in the man to come out. He sat there quietly for ten or more minutes, when all of a sudden he opened his eyes and said, “I am told that if the spirit comes out there will be no more women.” With that he stood up, walked out of the office, down the aisle of the church building, and out the front door. Kent never heard from him again. 

This fellow knew he had an evil spirit in him, because in addition to finding sex for him, the demon bothered him to a serious degree, both emotionally and mentally. Based on many years of doing this work, we present some of the ways an indwelling demon will interact with someone they possess. 

An evil spirit will actually speak to a person they indwell, not that anyone nearby could hear, it will be inside the head. 

A cloud might appear, or even a ball of fire—appear then disappear. 

Things in one’s house may be moved around. Back in the 1970’s, Kent worked with the exorcist of the San Francisco Archdiocese, an elderly priest who had read Kent’s book, A Manual of Demonology and the Occult. During this work he saw some incredible things. At one home of a couple who were seeking help, shoes would come flying out of closed closets, knives flew out of drawers in the kitchen and stick into a wall—and this dozens of times. He recalls running his hand over the dozens upon dozens of places where knives had been stuck. 

One woman Kent ministered to almost forty years ago would wake up to find a spirit having sex with her, actually penetrating her, and her husband would be right next to her, frozen with fear. The spirit looked like a lizard and would slither away and evaporate into the darkness. 

Some demonized people would physically attack, with an intent to injure or even kill someone they knew or a stranger. 

Most often, however, the evil spirits engaged in talking, shouting, and/ or whispering to the person demonized, to the point of driving that person crazy, to the point they would do anything, take anything, drink anything to make the voices go away. There were incidents when a psychologist would be consulted and medicines prescribed, but the voices remained. Very sad indeed. And we are not saying that mental illness is demonic in origin, but the symptoms of demonization can look like some forms of mental illness. 

Sometimes evil spirits will present as an animal spirit, a guide spirit, a dead ancestor, an angel, a deity, a channelor, a medium, and much more, and there will be communication. At first it will seem fairly benign, even helpful, even exciting, but this changes over time and whatever the entity and experience is, it becomes tormenting. 

We wish all this were not so, but we must be aware of how the demonic kingdom reigns over its subjects.

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